Behavioral Competency

[bɪˈheɪvjər(ə)l | ˈkɒmpɪt(ə)ns]

A behavioral competency is the ability of a potential employee to exhibit particular behavioral traits in the workplace. These are often determined in a behavioral-based interview; such competencies are most of the time sought after every employer. Various industries look at a specific set of competencies over others, some examples include:

  • Attention to detail and problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Networking and negotiation
  • Project Management and Facilitation
  • Organizational awareness and data literacy

Behavioral competencies are mainly essential when interviewing new candidates, mainly to ensure that they will help in meeting the goals of the team they will be part of and the organization.

Part of speech:
Use in a sentence:
A potential employee's ability, to exhibit particular behavioural traits in the workplace, is referred to as Behavioral Competency.
Behavioral Competency