Candidate Experience

[ˈkændɪˌdeɪt | ˌɪkˈspɪriəns]

The experience of job applicants during the recruitment process. This is particularly important in terms of analysing abandonment rates (i.e. starting an application but leaving it incomplete), and in measuring the marketing of the company as an attractive employer.

This is an important factor during the recruitment process and it will determine whether the candidate will return and apply for another position in the near future; it will also demonstrate the employer’s brand. Most employers do not pay attention on the candidate’s experience as they seem to believe that if a candidate does not perform well during their recruitment process, it is at the employee’s loss; this however goes beyond that. Employers must aim to portray a good image by making their recruitment process enjoyable for the candidate, with timely feedback.


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Employers must ensure that candidate experience is considered as an essential factor.
Candidate Experience