Candidate Relationship Marketing (CRM)

[ˈkændɪˌdeɪt | rəˈleɪʃ(ə)nˌʃɪp | ˈmɑrkədɪŋ]

This is a software of other applications which helps recruiters to communicate with a large number of applicants or talent pool. It organizes and automates a portion of communications and is similar to customer relationship marketing, which performs similar tasks with customers. A talent pool or candidate CRM database is used to centralize the candidate talent pool activities.

It is important for employers to have candidate relationship marketing as it helps them to offer a better experience and improve their process in their next recruitment project; another reason why it is important is because the way an organization relates with the candidate will determine the candidate’s performance. It is therefore essential for employers to take this into consideration.

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Employers must adopt candidate relationship marketing, in order to ease their recruitment process.
Candidate Relationship Marketing (CRM)