Career Coaching

[kəˈrɪə ˈkəʊtʃɪŋ]

Career coaching is a type of support and advice that is provided by career counsellors in order to help one’s career’s journey. 

The main goal of career coaching is in order to help any professional or an employee to make career decisions and to guide them; a career coaching focuses on accountability, actions and results. Career coaching is valuable in many different ways, but specifically for the following:

  • With benefit of getting expert and personalised advice that is specifically tailored to your situation
  • You get to test new messages and ideas in a safe environment
  • You get to dedicate time to focus on your career

It is therefore important that employers invest in providing career coaching for their employees for expert guidance and support.

Why career coaching is important 

One of the main reasons why career coaching is important is because it helps an individual determine what or in other words which experience is relevant to the job or position they are applying for; it also helps to simplify one's resume and LinkedIn profile with one message that will position them to attract recruiter's attention. 

Another reason why career coaching is important, is for current employees to identify any skills gaps in their career in order and enrol on training to improve their skills in their various roles.

Part of speech:
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Wee need career coaching in our organization.
Career Coaching