[ˈkrɒs ˈtreɪnɪŋ ]

Cross-training is the process of training one employee in two or more positions within the organization. Cross-training can take place within the same team or department, but also across different environments. It helps to build redundancy and ensures that if someone is absent, another employee can take over their responsibilities. It also helps build stronger relationships between employees, particularly if training is provided through “job shadowing”, and can give employees insight into potential new career paths.

The main objectives of cross training are to:

  • increase flexibility within the organization
  • increase an employee's skill set 
  • to help everyone better understand how the organization operates on all levels

Cross- training aims on pinpointing the major operations and tasks within the organization and ensuring that all employees are able to perform these tasks and step in as and when needed; this does not only empower employees but it also increases their value. Whenever employees fee valued, they give their best performance in their roles, which means that the organization will have a low staff turnover.

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Cross training your team can yield some surprising insights.