Culture of Collaboration

[ ˈkʌltʃər əv kəˌlæbəˈreɪʃn̩ ]

A culture of collaboration is a business environment in which collaboration between employees, teams, and even entire departments is the norm, rather than the exception. This is a marked difference from the silo-oriented structure most organizations had in the past.

Today, culture of collaboration support flat organizations where authority is earned, where debate occurs, and where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, rather than errors that require punishment. 

The importance of Culture Collaboration

A collaborative culture values the foundational idea that when employees bring their unique capabilities together to work collectively, they can produce a higher quality of work; when teams collaborate efficiently, they usually tend to be more creative, productive and communicative.

Part of speech:
Use in a sentence:
Organizations with a culture of collaboration tend to succeed in difficult times.
Culture of Collaboration