[i | rəˈkrutmənt]

A cloud-based software or SaaS which handles recruitment and onboarding tasks such as collecting business intelligence data, identifying the best talent from the applicant pool through automation, and tracking applicants. E-Recruitment is the use of web-based technology for selecting, processing, recruiting and onboarding candidates.With the advance in technology, organisations are beginning to make use of e-recruitment to help them find the right candidates; it is cost effective and saves candidates the time travel all the way for an interview. 

E-Recruitment helps HR professionals to filter candidates that match the skills required; the disadvantage of this type of recruitment is the fact that employers will have to invest a lot of money in finding the right type of technology to use for e-recruitment; this also means that employers will have to spend time training their HR professionals on the new systems. 

Overall, E-Recruitment is indeed the way forward in finding new employees to join the team, especially for organisations who are based globally. 

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A popular way of hiring is e-recruitment