Employee Assistance Programs

[ˌemploɪˈiː əˈsɪstəns ˈprəʊɡræmz]

This is a sponsored program by the employer, specifically designed to support employees with personal problems; such as marital, workplace violence, financial problems and psychiatric problems. 

Reasons why employers should use an Employee Assistance Program:

1. It’s confidential

Whether employees decide to contact your EAP for telephone counselling, financial, legal or eldercare information, they can be rest assured that nothing they say will be reported back.

2. Free access to counselling

Most EAPs provide confidential access to professionally accredited counsellors, that employees would have to wait months to access or pay to see privately. These mental health experts can give offer employees coping strategies to help process difficult emotions and the mere act of sharing their problem in a safe non-judgemental setting will make them feel better.

3. Bereavement and trauma support

If employees  have lost a loved one due to coronavirus or are a key worker or individual that has been traumatised by events in hospital, their EAP can also provide specialist access to trauma counsellors. They can provide employees with psychological support to help manage symptoms such as constantly replaying events in their mind, difficulty sleeping and painful flashbacks that may lead to PTSD.

4. Consumer rights and legal advice

Coronavirus has impacted all of our lives in different ways. Big events such as weddings or holidays have had to be postponed, or cancelled altogether. If they’re experiencing distress and anxiety due to being unable to get a refund, the EAP can help to establish  consumer rights and fight the battle. If employees have other legal concerns, such as an impending court case, divorce or custody issue, they can also give free legal information connected to this.

5. Wellbeing support

EAP can also provide  with information about physical and emotional wellbeing issues. Be this concerns employees might have about accessing or going into hospital for treatment at the current time or how best to address a maladaptive habit you’ve developed, such as consuming too much alcohol. In addition to providing practical support, your EAP can also provide employees with specific counselling to address underlying emotional issues causing the problem.

6. Help to manage debt and finances

With many people’s livelihoods being deeply affected by coronavirus, it’s good to know that your EAP can put employees in touch with financial and debt information specialists, who can help with everything from managing late payments to consolidating existing debts to protecting their finances going forward. They can also help with the impact of financial anxiety on  emotional wellbeing.

7. Childcare and eldercare support

If employees are struggling with not being able to visit elderly relatives or the immense pressures associated with balancing work with looking after and home-schooling young children, your EAP can provide practical and emotional support in these areas as well. They can also help with other family challenges, such as supporting teenagers struggling with feelings or anxiety, loneliness or anger and helping older relatives to access medical treatment and care.


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Each employer, must ensure that employee assistant programs are put in place.
Employee Assistance Programs