Employee Onboarding Surveys

[ɛmˈplɔɪi | ˈɑnˌbɔrdɪŋ | səˈveɪ]

Employee onboarding surveys provide an insight into initial employee experience during the recruitment, selection and onboarding process; these surveys are important and crucial in order to improve the organization’s onboarding process, to ensure that best performance is practiced and that new starters are satisfied. This will not only help the organization to maintain a good employer brand, it will also help with employee retention.

Each organization should implement and carry out employee onboarding surveys at least on the third and sixth month from when the employee started their employment with the organization. With implementing this, employees will be able to open up about things they might not have enjoyed during the process.

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It is important to carry out employee onboarding surveys.
Employee Onboarding Surveys