Flexible Working

[ˈflɛksəb(ə)l | wərk | əˈreɪn(d)ʒm(ə)nt]

Flexible Working is the ability for employees to negotiate altered work hours depending on personal circumstances; some of these circumstances include pregnancy, mothers with young children or having to care of a sick parent.

Flexible Working includes a movement of work hours forward or back, working from home or another location, flex time or job sharing. With the recent pandemic, this type of working is becoming more and more common because organizations are realising that it is firstly more cost - effective and employees tend to be more effective with flexible work arrangements. Employers must therefore ensure to integrate flexible working within their organizations; this could perhaps be a good strategy to attract and retain staff.

Part of speech:
Working from home
Use in a sentence:
Employers should offer flexible work arrangements.
Flexible Working