Gross Misconduct

[ɡroʊs | mɪsˈkɑnˌdəkt]

A gross misconduct is when an employee acts or in other words conducts  an offensive action against the organisation’s policies and procedures which leads to a termination or dismissal without notice. 

Gross Misconduct must be an act that destroys the relationship of confidence and trust between the employee and the employer, making the relationship between the two parties difficult and impossible to continue; this type of act varies from organizations to organization; for some it is when an employee is capable, however unwilling to carry out their job responsibilities properly. To others, a continuous unauthorised absence. For positions that involve cash handling, if there is always a large amount of money missing, this could also be seen as gross misconduct.

Part of speech:
Use in a sentence:
Avoid gross misconduct.
Gross Misconduct