Industrial Psychology

[ɪnˈdəstriəl | saɪˈkɑlədʒi]

This is a field of psychology which examines the behaviour and actions of employees within the workplace context. 

This specifically examines how to motivate and manage a work team within the context of the needs of both the workforce and the organization; this is mainly applied when the organization is going through a changing face. One of the main focuses of leadership and includes the following stands: contingency-focused, follower - focused and leader - focused. 

The contingency focused stand involves the approach of believing that an effective leader is more able to assess a situation and adapt it to its behaviour accordingly; the follower - focused leader focuses on the belief that the leader needs to have an understanding on how to encourage and entertain its employees and the leader focused stand, focuses on the fact that an effective leader possesses certain qualities that other lack.

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Make a use of industrial psychology.
Industrial Psychology