Respectful Workplace Survey

[ˈpɑzədɪv | ˈkəltʃər | ænd | rəˈspɛk(t)fəl | ˈwərkˌpleɪs | sərˈveɪ]

A respectful workplace survey refers to finding out employee’s experiences of how well cases have been dealt with, within the organization; the survey seeks to find out how well the organization has dealt with bullying, discrimination and any form of harassment. 

This is a platform to identify and eliminate incidences of workplace bullying disrespect; conducting a respectful workplace survey helps:

  • Gathering the necessary information and evidence to drive change
  • Identifying areas which need management attention
  • Understanding the type of abuse and incidences within the organization, and what staff members feel about processes and policies.
Part of speech:
Use in a sentence:
A respectful workplace survey, would help.
Respectful Workplace Survey