Union Grievance

[ˈjuːnɪən ˈɡriːvns]

This is when an employee makes a complaint of their employer violating their rights under the law. In most cases the organisation might be associated with a trade union, which will then step in to protect the employee and to ensure that the employee has a voice.

With the organization being associated with a trade union; within this instance a union grievance is when the employer breaches the terms of collective agreements. This is one of the reasons why employee’s must seek to associate themselves with a trade union in order to have a sense of protection if the employer does not have one; employers must also ensure to associate themselves with a union in order to avoid going through a grievance without having their backs covered legally; this is because trade union representatives will ensure that the both the employee and the employer are legally complaint during the grievance procedure.

Part of speech:
Use in a sentence:
Avoid a union grievance.
Union Grieviance