Work/Life Balance Employee Benefits

[ˈwɜ:k life ˌbæləns ˌemploɪˈiː ˈbenɪfɪts]

These non traditional benefits, which support employees to manage their lives. Employers purchase services from vendors and then offer them to employees as benefits; these services help as an employer brand strategy to retain and attract. 

It is important that employers offer a work-life balance benefits in order to ensure that employees can work around their lives, especially for employees with children.

Benefits of work-life balance 

  • Increased productivity.
  • Less instances of sickness and absenteeism.
  • A happier, less stressed workforce.
  • Staff feeling valued and that their personal and/or family life is important.
  • Improvements in employee mental health and well-being.
  • More engaged staff.
Part of speech:
Use in a sentence:
Most employers offer work - life employee benefits as a retention strategy.
Work/Life Employee Benefits